What Our Clients Say

  • Very polite, informative and friendly service.

    Stephen -
  • Ryan Goodall is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and explained everything in an easy to comprehend manner.

    Dewa -
  • Really helpful and supportive going above and beyond to find the best deal for my needs.

    James & Rebecca -
  • Kai, he was really lovely. Every company needs employees like him, they are the ones who make the difference to a company.

    Georgina -
  • Received prompt response to my initial web enquiry. And had my life insurance approved within a week. Prior company I’d been working with took ages to respond and had been waiting on life insurance approval for over 6 months. Great little welcome pack and phone call follow ups from advisor along all the way.

    Katrina -
  • Lee Freeman was very competent at his job. Wish every adviser was as helpful as Lee.

    Lee -
  • My advisor was very professional and friendly at the same time.

    Mr F -
  • David Johnson provides professional and reassuring advice to suit my needs.

    Jane -
  • Initially I thought it was just going to be an opportunity for me to pay more money for what I need, but James did a fantastic job of getting to know my situation, explaining his recommendations and ensuring I understood what I was getting.

    Simon & Linda -
  • Kai was very professional and friendly. He took his time to explain everything and was patient with me, when I had to put him on hold several times. He has excellent customer service skills.

    Miss. A -
  • Everything was made easy to listen to and explained was not rushed into buying.

    Mr. C -
  • James provided excellent communication throughout, discussing all options and explaining his advice.

    Colin & Simonia -
  • Extremely helpful. No pushy salesman just a very knowledgeable person. Followed up on a regular basis until the insurance policy was complete.

    Fiona -
  • Excellent customer service, warm and friendly.

    Asher & Katrina -
  • If I know anyone who needs insurance I would recommend George. He was professional and personable, he explained everything well and the fact that he will look for for the best deals for us year on year is very good.

    Mr. C & Mrs. A -
  • Excellent communication and advice.

    Melanie & Richard -
  • Highly recommended, great service. Very helpful staff and friendly.

    Miss. N -
  • Very friendly and helpful. Great communication, always phoning back when he said he would, felt was being given advice rather than trying to be sold something.

    Steven & Stacey -
  • He explained things very clearly, and gave options suitable for my circumstances – things that I needed, without unnecessary extras.

    Daniel -
  • Robbie was a pleasure to deal with.

    Mr. J & Mrs. F -
  • Very easy no drama just got the job done!

    Mr. R -
  • Chris Gibson our advisor was great. He was polite, friendly and very responsive and we were never made to feel like we were too much trouble. Would certainly reccomend.

    Mr. A & Mrs. R -
  • Brilliant service and advice given.

    Mrs. A -
  • Excellent service.

    R -
  • Friendly advice and made to feel at ease.

    Mr. M & Mrs. D -
  • Ben Glover was professional in his overall approach to the process. He explained and advised about the product clearly.

    Mr. M -
  • Friendly, polite, courteous and an absolute pleasure to deal with.

    Mrs. C -
  • Good sense of humour, friendly, helpful; when promoting a product he has the customers’ interest at heart. Right balance of selling but giving space and following up.

    C -
  • Very helpful, polite and knowledgeable about the products he was recommending.

    Lyne & Jameson -
  • Laura made me feel as though I was a valued customer by listening to my own circumstances and tailoring my requirements to meet my own requirements.

    Scott & Samantha -
  • Advisor listened to everything I needed and provided advice accordingly

    Mrs. D -
  • Ryan is an asset to your organisation. Ryan is a friendly approachable person. Not pushy and well informed.

    Zane & Catherine -
  • Darren was very easy to talk to and took his time with explaining the different options. I never once felt pushed into anything. He couldn’t have done more. Thank you.

    Emma & Paul -
  • Alex was really informative and very helpful. Communication was on point, would highly recommend.

    Joshua -
  • Great advice, really listened to what i had to say.

    Anita -
  • Very thorough and knowledgeable to my requirements.

    Paul -
  • The customer service and all information, given and requested was spot on. Extremely professional and friendly adviser, (KAI).

    Sonya -
  • Pleased in every way.

    Faye -
  • Very happy with the conversation and explained everything to me I will recommend to my family and friends.

    Mrs. D -
  • His explanation of the product we called to make inquire about was very clear. he also answered our questions as best as he could and did not rush us to sign up for anything.

    Josphat & Janice -
  • Kai was extremely helpful and attentive and did everything possible to ensure he found the right cover for us.

    Barry & Victoria -
  • I found George Hopkins to be knowledgeable and person centred with good customer service and very helpful. I would recommend Cream Financial Solutions Ltd to family and friends. Thank you.

    Mrs. S -
  • Christopher Gibson was was very professional throughout and had a friendly manner at all times.

    Mr. I & Mrs. C -
  • Hi! I don’t know if I got the best price, but I can say that I felt kindness and humanity from Mr.Darren Watson (and his colleagues) the man who provided us with insurance, and I think that matters a lot. Thank you

    Mrs. M & Mrs. N -
  • Happy with the service received.

    Mrs. C -
  • I think Rob was very kind, understanding and I felt like he genuinely cared about his job and the information he was providing. An asset to your company. I’m happy with my new policy, let’s hope I don’t need it!

    Katrina -
  • Service was very proficient. Adviser was clearly knowledgeable.

    Mrs. A -
  • Enjoyed the call no hard sale.

    Mr. G -
  • Laura gave very good information and overview regarding our new policy and also the comparison with our existing policy which was inadequate at the time. Laura made an excellent recommendation for our new policy and explained it in details. She was also vert attentive, polite and knowledgeable. When we felt confused about the policy she was quick to help and offered her expertise. We were very pleased with Laura and her service and would always recommend her to customers. Excellent job!

    Mr. J & Mrs. S -
  • I have dealt with Andy Smith I find that he is helpful friendly and honest doesn’t hurry you and explains everything so you understand big thanks 😊 to Andy

    Elaine -
  • Very professional clearly spoken took the time to explain any questions .. really nice young man.

    Mr. C -
  • Provided me with extra what i asked for.

    Ian -
  • The adviser we are dealing with is extremly helpfull and all the information he gives us is easy to understand.

    Mr & Mrs D -
  • Excellent customer service from Tom barratt from start to finish

    James & Jenny -
  • The whole process was professionally handled by a very knowledgeable and easy to talk to adviser, who made me feel totally at ease. Very well done, 11/10.

    Michael -
  • Chris was very helpful , friendly and understanding. He tried his hardest to make sure we had all the cover we needed

    Paul & Theresa -
  • Polite and very knowledgeable, also not pushy in making you make decisions.

    John & Fiona -
  • I can honestly say leee was a pleasure to deal with ,as the saying goes If it ain’t broke ,don’t fix it Thank you for your help

    Mr. J -
  • Clear, nothing was too much trouble and very helpful and professional.

    Tony -
  • Very friendly explained clearly and in detail thank u.

    Gemma -
  • Liam was just brilliant! Is he single 😂

    Sophie -
  • Kai did his homework and got back to me with specific questions answered. 👍

    Mr. D -
  • Jo Peddle made the whole process light hearted, easy and he also is a likeable person who seems to take on board all that you hate to personalise the process in all things life Insurance and also his jokes. 5*

    Florence -
  • Our advisor Leee was very thorough and explained everything in detail , very happy with the policy .

    Wayne & Marie -
  • I was completely satisfied with the service.

    Mrs. R -
  • The service i received from James was excellent. He had a very friendly disposition and was easy to understand and had a wealth of knowledge to meet my needs

    Colin & Paula -
  • Liam has been an absolute amazing help to me and my family. He is definitely an asset to the company.

    Mr. V & Mr. M -
  • Very polite, friendly and professional.

    Stephen & Saara -
  • Friendly no pressure salesman

    Mr. R & Mrs. J -
  • Ryan who dealt with us I have used his service and advice which I always felt is useful

    Mr. N & Mrs. J -
  • Easy to talk to, advised the best options not the most expensive.

    David & Angela -
  • Leee was very polite and personable, very knowledgeable and clearly knew his stuff. Phoned back when he said he would, and I got a good product at a competitive price.

    Dean -
  • If any of my family or friends ask for recommendations I will certainly point them in Ben’s direction.

    Barbara -
  • Very easy to talk to and it was varies it sort your life insurance out with these people thanks guys 👌

    Darren -
  • Joe was extremely polite, thorough and knowledgeable. He provided a very efficient service.

    Mrs C -
  • Very friendly and informative.

    Lesley -
  • Laura Watton was amazing , really considered out needs and such a friendly person – so easy to talk too. 100% recommend your services to friends and family

    Glen & Samantha -
  • I found Joe to be very informative and made me feel relaxed when joe explained everything I needed to know the guy is good at his job thanks again

    George -
  • Very happy with my cover, previously had life insurance else where but now where near as good. Very professional and friendly.

    Liza -
  • Very precise and easy to understand advice was given to me plus the explanations were easy to follow and understand.

    Mr. A -
  • Very informative and good customer service.

    Mrs. C -
  • Was brilliant.

    Samantha -
  • Kai did his homework and got back to me with specific questions answered. 👍

    Mr. D -
  • Chris Gibson was very professional but also caring and took time to understand my needs

    Elaine -
  • I’ve wanted to take out life insurance for a while and being able to talk it through with someone really made the process simple.

    Mrs. K -
  • The understanding of my needs and the affordability. Also the time taken to explain any issues or quiries.

    Everald -
  • Very professional and personal service.

    Mrs. J & Mr. V -
  • Great help and service – just what you need in doing something like this!

    Michael -
  • Nice guy and made it very easy.

    Mrs. K -
  • Darren was certainly patient, friendly and professional. Above all else it came over that he outstanding industry knowledge and shrewd judgement. After our chat I feel really confident that we sorted a great policy for me.

    Thomas -
  • Because she was honest with me, and she did not give me false hopes in order to obtain a health insure for me because of my liver disease. But she offers me the best solution for my concerns.

    Mrs. A -
  • Nothing was too much trouble and Everything was well explained

    Mr & Mrs M -
  • David very helpful and explained everything in full.

    Amanda -
  • Made it easy for me

    Miss. N -
  • I was happy with all the information given on the phone and i would recommend this service to friends and family.

    Carli -
  • The lady on the phone was extremely polite and very helpful thanks

    Mr. M -
  • Lovely guy explained everything nice snd easy to understand. Great service thank you.

    Gavin & Claire -
  • All the information was explain clearly, no pushy, hard selling would recommend to others.

    Miss. V -
  • Hi I would like to thank Kai for the advice and help and the time he spent with me to make sure I was able to get the best policy for my needs, I would have no hesitation to recommending him to anyone.

    Victor -
  • Darren was extremely friendly and helpful and made me understand what it was all about. 😊

    Miss. G -
  • Great customer service

    Mr. M & Mrs. I -
  • Very good and polite, person who was very helpful.

    Mr. R -
  • The advisor listened to what I ideally wanted in an insurance policy and he offered his opinion on what would best suit me at this time.

    Michelle & David -
  • Having discussed my requirements and going through the finer details it emerged that due to a pending visit to the doctors the product I was looking into would not be immediately available to me. Undeterred, various other options were discussed and I agreed to go with the Shepards Friendly Whole of Life policy.

    Robert -
  • Liam Cook was fantastic. He was helpful friendly and very professional. He made the whole experience very easy.

    Mark & Wendy -
  • Very helpful and made everything easy to understand.

    Mrs. E -
  • Very easy to talk to and had good knowledge. Good communication skills and excellent customer service.

    Mrs. M & Mrs. C -
  • James was knowledgeable and professional throughout. He was very patient and answered all of my questions and seemed to genuinely want to help me. He gave exceptional service and nothing was too much trouble for him. He is a credit to your company.

    Karla -
  • The girls on the phone to the advisor were second to none pleasure to know

    Peter -
  • Dave was excellent for us, during covid with all things being slightly more stressful and difficult, Dave pulled out all the stops to find us a great deal and able to move home all in time for our newest arrival to the family ! Massively appreciated

    Mr. B & Mrs. A -
  • The adviser, was very polite, explicit and has a vast understanding of insurance policies, therefore, the advice given was brilliant . I followed the advice and purchased a new policy which gives me a lot more for the money. Very satisfied

    George -
  • Very professional easy application

    Susan -
  • Robbie was very friendly, polite, easy to talk to.

    Michael & Beverley -
  • Advisor, James, I felt went above and beyond for me, I had to cancel phone appointments a few times due to situations with my children, he was completely understanding and I felt no pressure at all. He listened carefully to everything I had to say and what I wanted. Amazing customer service skills. James is an absolute asset to the company. Thank you

    Oliver & Jody -
  • Fantastic service. Made everything simple and efficient.

    Darren & Yvonne -
  • Thomas Barratt was very helpful and informative right through the whole process.

    Sean & Donna -
  • Very polite and explained the procedure very well

    Mr. T -
  •  The advisor was very knowledgeable, and if he wasn’t sure he went to the trouble of finding out, which I found very reassuring

    Mrs. S -
  • Andy Smith who i spoke to , was very polite , explained everything easy for me to understand and got me a very good deal . Thankyou

    Rachael -
  • Andy was brilliant and offered a quick service over the phone and got me a good price for the cover.

    Mrs. S -
  • My adviser was polite and patient with me. She answered all my questions.

    Mrs. A -
  • Easy to deal with

    Mr. P -
  • Tom was excellent. Clear, polite and informative in trying to find the best deal for me. Thank you.

    Mr. P -
  • Pleasant , not pressured into making any decisions

    Mr. B & Mrs. S -
  • Good Guy Straight to the point Effortless Great BR Martin

    Martin -
  • I spoke to a Lee Anderson I think he was very helpful and would recommend him again and the company thank you

    Mrs. M -
  • Really happy with Ben , he was helpful, considerate consoling friendly and willing to fight my side with the underwriters thank you Ben

    Mrs. D -
  • The advisor was very helpful and and explained everything excellent.

    Mr. R -
  • Very helpful

    Mr. S -
  • Tom was helpful and explained the process. He also gave various options to help make the right insurance for us

    Mrs. J & Mr. A -
  • I felt that my advisor understood what was needed for me , I didn’t feel pressured into taking out more than was needed , I have come away with what I needed and more importantly peace of mind

    Mr H & Mrs. C -
  • Kia Wallace was very professional and very helpful very pleasant in his manner over the phone he sorted everything out for me and thankyou Kia

    Evelyn -
  • I did recommend to my parents and they used the services as well.

    Mrs. E -
  • Ryan was very patient and understanding never felt pushed into anything a credit to your team

    Mrs. R & Mr. S -
  • Fully satisfied with the service provided by Laura. Everything explained well and made such important decisions easier to make. This process can be a daunting one to go through, however I was made to feel at ease with the process and I did not realise there were companies out there such as Cream which can make this important task so much easier for you to go through. The welcome pack was a very nice touch, also! Thank you very much and I look forward to receiving future advice regarding our policy.

    Mr. S & Mrs. C -
  • Rob is fantastic he explains things properly and has patience of a saint. I am not the easiest of customers due to being a complex case but he dealt with this with great professionalism but also the added personal touch which made me feel at ease. I usually do not give people the time of day when they call to sell me insurance due to my medical history. Rob instantly made me give him the benefit of doubt and I am so glad I did. Outstanding customer service five stars

    Mr. J and Mrs. K -
  • Thomas was really knowledgeable and helped me with the process of the application. Very kind and helpful adviser.

    Kay -
  • I have already told my daughter to expect a call next week. Really enjoyed chatting to Chris, he was either genuinely interested in me and my personal circumstances or he’s a fantastic actor!

    Jennie -
  • Comprehensive, professional and knowledgable service provided. Laura listened to what I wanted and came up with the perfect life policy for me. Everything was sorted swiftly and nothing was too much trouble.

    Rachael -
  • The positive rapport with our advisor, Rob. We enjoyed speaking with him and found him to be helpful and personable.

    Benjamin & Claire -
  • Well looked after and explained.

    Simon -
  • Extremely pleased with the professionalism of the company and the individual who lead us through a glitch free process.

    Richard & Lesley -
  • Very friendly and made the process quick and easy.

    Lisa & Paul -
  • Understanding, thoughtful, interested and looking to help me acquire the best financial deal.

    Mrs. T -
  • Excellent service

    Mr. S & Mrs. M -
  • James was very friendly, explained everything, answered all questions

    Mrs. G & Mrs. C -
  • Fantastic service and everything explained perfectly . Can’t rate Tom highly enough . Had bad experience with insurance quotes in the past but tom made it very clear and simple and we were set up very quickly with the right cover for us

    Luke & Joanne -
  • Ryan Goodall explained everything very clearly ,which gave me confidence to go ahead with the contract. He was also very patient with us and put up with our crass jokes. Thankyou!

    Stephen & Rowena -
  • From start to finish i was very satisfied how Andrew delt with setting up my policy. Andrew took his time to help out what i required from setting up the policy and he explained details of my policy very well.

    Mr. M -
  • A more personal service, Andy explained it well and I saved money by taking out a diff policy that still suited my needs.

    Mrs. M -
  • Very positive, knowledgable and nice personal approach.

    Neil -
  • Positive experience.

    Mrs. O -
  • Extremely friendly and professional – took into account all of my requirements and explained the implications of all my decisions in an easy to understand way.

    Andrew & Grace -
  • Ashley was professional helpful and easy to talk to. He listened to what I wanted and then offered me several options which we discussed and settled with the one that suited our needs.

    Rebecca & Susan -
  • Good response. Got us the right policy. Efficient and professional.

    Lesley & David -
  • I was totally happy with the advice given and am happy to recommend to anyone who needs advice.

    Andrea -
  • Polite. Adviser understood my needs perfectly.

    Mrs. L -
  • The adviser listened to what my requirements were prior to giving me any advice. The adviser did not try to sell product/s I did not enquire about or want.

    Maureen -
  • Ben was prompt in follow up and providing options as the requirements changed. He did this without being intrusive or pushy

    Mr. V -
  • Very informative and explained all about policy details.

    Mrs. B & Mr. T -
  • Laura is a real asset to your company, wonderful customer service and really helpful. Overall she was extremely patient as I am extremely difficult to pin down for a conversation. She made me feel at ease and confident that I made the right choice

    Iain & Fiona -
  • Ben was very professional and he took his time to explain all my questions and any doubt I had. I know people will normally say, but the person was doing his job! It takes someone who appreciate excellent customer service to provide one.

    Mr. A -
  • Understanding, thoughtful, interested and looking to help me acquire the best financial deal.

    Mrs. T -
  • I gave these scores as I found the adviser to be very polite, helpful and explained everything fully to me , also kept me informed of how the application process was going . Excellent service and would definitely recommend the company . Adviser was Robbie Bolton .

    Mrs. L -
  • Tom was very friendly and helpful. We have already spoke highly about him to our friends and family and passed his details on to them. Definitely recommended! Thanks Tom for all your help.

    William -
  • Ashley was a great help sorted my life insurance out and searching the right one.. he’s Very experience in his job role.. Thank you..

    Mr. S -
  • Our advisor, Laura Watton was extremely professional from start to finish. Laura always explained everything to make sure we understood. Laura is an asset to her company

    Trevor and Tammy -
  • Tom was friendly and knowledgeable.

    Mr. K & Mrs. C -
  • Ben explained everything to me in a clear and professional way. Anything I didn’t understand, he went over it.

    Shannon -
  • Very professional and thorough. Got me a better deal.

    Andrew -
  • Paris cooper was excellent in helping me!

    Mr. K -
  • David was absolutely wonderful. I had some challenges with my solicitors and he practically managed the relationship for me. Extremely pleased with the overall service. Would highly recommend and absolutely use again!! Brilliant

    Stacey & Anthony -
  • Very efficient and tremendously helpful in arranging a mortgage for us.

    Mr and Mrs P -
  • Excellence Customer Service.

    Claire -
  • Very professional feedback and excellent service and feedback given , cannot fault your company and service, made myself personally at ease and not just a statistic… thankyou.

    Mrs. C -
  • Chris was a great help in what I wanted to set up for myself and my family. Made everything clear and the process was easy.

    Mr. J & Mrs. B -
  • Seamless, smooth process that did not have an ounce of sales nonsense that you often get with companies these days trying to use old methods of persuasion. I felt that the deal had my genuine goals in mind throughout.

    Andrew & Georgina -
  • Very happy with the personal service given by David Johnson. Effortless setting up life and work insurance. Would recommend to everyone. Felt extremely valued as a customer. Thank you!

    Martin & Amy -
  • Tom went out of his way to get us a plan that worked for us very happy.

    Mark & Amanda -
  • James gave a very rounded explanation of the process, and had both knowledge and personality to gain our trust.

    Mr S & Mrs M -
  • Our adviser Chris was very helpful and listened to what services /product we wanted and did all the work in searching for them

    David & Charlotte -
  • We’ve had courteous, friendly, timely and efficient service all the way through the process so far.

    Mr I & Mrs G -
  • Dave was very friendly and professional, he kept us informed of everything and made us feel our requirements were important to him as well.

    Paul & Julie -
  • Rob was excellent in assessing our circumstances and requirements and remained customer focussed and attentive throughout the process. This has by far been the best experience we’ve had and will certainly be using Cream again in the future. Thanks again for all your help!

    Mr D & Mrs R -
  • Cream were brilliant and I’ve already told my friends and family.  Also Liam was amazing he walked us throw every move and was helpful and the main reason we have changed and are telling people we now about cream as he is a credit to your firm

    Mr. S and Mrs. E -
  • David was nothing but fantastic. He went over and beyond and was always there to help. We will always use him going forward and have suggested him to a few family members and friends.

    Mr. P and Mrs. K -
  • Very friendly yet straight forward. Told us everything honestly instead of just trying to sell us the product which enabled us to make the right choice for us.

    Matthew & Gemma -
  • James explained everything perfectly in a way that you would be stupid to not take out some form of cover. However he wasn’t pressurising either.

    Adam and Catherine -
  • Robbie was professional, friendly and proficient. I would highly recommend him.

    Mrs. M and Mr. M -
  • Very professional.

    Mr. B and Mrs. J -
  • I left a voice message on the Sunday, received a call the Monday during which it was pretty much sorted and by the Tuesday it was sorted – clearly and concisely – I would absolutely recommend Cream to someone.

    Mrs. J -
  • Very clear and informative.

    Mrs. J -
  • Professionalism, respect and courtesy by Mr Liam Cook.  Nothing was too much trouble for Mr Cook and he kept me informed every step of the way in the process even through the difficult lockdown period. I cannot fault the company at all and highly recommend.

    Mrs. E. -
  • I would like to thank you Liam and Cream Financial Solutions for all your support and assistance.

    Your professionalism, respect, knowledge and hard work has made this process so much easier for myself and has given me piece of mind.  Communication is second to none keeping me informed every step of the way even with the challenges of COVID.

    I cannot thank you enough and have no hesitation in recommending Cream Financial Solutions in the future.

    Mrs. E. M. -
  • Everyone was very helpful. Everything we were told was explained very well. Would recommend to all my friends, if they needed your services.

    Mr. S and Mrs. A -
  • Fast, excellent and efficient service provided which met my needs at the present time.

    Mrs. M -
  • Robbie was very professional yet friendly to work with. He made you feel at ease and provided exactly what he said he would.

    Mr. S & Mrs. J -
  • Excellent advice and professionalism.

    Mark and Cheryl -
  • I have dealt with Dave Johnson for quite some time now, he came recommended by a friend. Over the past 5 years approx he has also provided great service to me and my three children when they bought their first property. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

    Susan -
  • I can not recommend Robbie at Cream highly enough. He provided an absolutely stella service from initial consultation through each stage of sourcing products to support my individual needs. Outstanding.

    Karen -
  • David Johnson takes all the hassle out of mortgages. He gives great advice and does the very best he can for you. He is very friendly and very professional. I can’t fault the service.

    Matthew and Sarah -
  • Very thorough and personable. Made the complex process seem easy and not stressful.

    Mr and Mrs J -
  • Without doubt the best and most reliable cog in the mechanism of of moving house.
    Highly recommended.
    Thank you.

    Colin & Jennifer -
  • I thought that Sam met all my needs. She was sympathetic to my situation and was able to adapt her work to fit around what I needed. Sam listened and gave me what I asked for.

    Mrs. B -
  • Listened to our needs, found appropriate cover, knew to stay in our monthly price range and was very friendly, flexible with times of calls and just a nice person to deal with.

    Mr. S & Mrs. K -
  • James was helpful and polite he listened to what we said and managed to meet all our needs for our insurance and it was a pleasure to speak to him

    Mr. J and Mrs. A -
  • Liam made the whole process easy for me to follow and understand!

    Mr. S and Mrs. F -
  • Sam was very helpful and worked hard to get me the best deal

    Mrs. Y -
  • James has been very helpful, giving lots of information and explained everything to help us. Credit to your team.

    Mr. C and Mrs. G -
  • A pleasure to deal with and good advice.

    Mr. R -
  • Dave was knowledgeable, helpful, and gave us great advice that was very relevant to our situation

    Mr. R and Mr. A -
  • James was extremely helpful & guided us through the process very efficiently.

    Mr. G and Mrs. J -
  • Robbie was very engaging and took the time to properly find out about our requirements and not just try to sell us the most expensive policy. He was very easy to speak to, when delayed on a previously call, apologised for being late onto ours.

    Mrs. S and Mr. P -
  • 10/10!

    Mr P. -
  • Dave has been & still is a great help for us really pleased we was recommended by our friends

    Mr C and Mrs K -
  • Robbie was Very professional efficient and friendly and dealt with my case in a timely manner.

    Mr P and Mrs A. -
  • Made everything very quick and easy for me. And it was all explained well

    Mrs. S -
  • He was polite and explained everything thoroughly. Was very understanding of our home situation and managed to find life insurance that was perfect for us.

    Anonymous -
  • Excellent service.

    Mr. S -
  • David & all the team at cream were brilliant start to finish. Great company!

    Mr. Richards -
  • The young man explained everything thoroughly about the life insurance & other products

    Mr. T and Mrs. C -
  • Very friendly, knowledgeable about the products, had great advice to give, and helped us find a package at the right price that covered all our needs.

    Mr. F -
  • All my needs and situation was taken account of and the best policy and value for money found. Thank you.

    Claire -
  • Liam was very friendly and made me feel at ease.

    Katie -
  • Liam was very helpful. Finding the perfect deal to suit me and my family . With a decent monthly payment.

    Kiesha -
  • Liam had excellent communication skills, very compassionate but professional, very patient and explained everything using “terms” that i understood.

    Joe -
  • Really good personal service by the cream representative.


    Mr. C -
  • Everything made clear and simple.

    Mrs. J -
  • Very easy service to use. Extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Got us an amazing deal.

    Amazing from start to finish. I will most definitely continue to use Cream services and recommend Cream to everyone.

    Mr. A -
  • Explained all options clearly and helped me choose the level of cover.

    Dipesh -
  • Very professional, knolwedgeable and kept to every prearranged telephone appointment.

    Mr. M -
  • Cream have gone the extra mile for us with regards to cover for the whole Family, down to earth but professional.

    Mr. W -
  • Excellent advisor, explained everything clearly, looked at all options for us and advised us which was the best option for us. Talked us through all the steps and at our pace, never rushed us, gave us time to discuss and think about things. Always available to talk to and always sorted out any issues we had quickly and efficiently. The whole process was so straightforward and we are looking forward to our review next year!

    Mr. E -
  • Dave Johnson was my representative from your business and was extremely helpful and knowledgeable he helped us through out I would highly recommend

    Mr. M -
  • Excellent likeable person with great knowledge of products and services, will 100% recommend and use again when we next need it.


    Mr. C -
  • Efficiency of Dave, quick responses to queries, fantastic paperwork.

    Mrs. B -
  • John Smith has been our advisor for a few years now, we feel that he works very hard for us and would not go anywhere else for advice or renewing our mortgage.

    Mrs. N -
  • Very polite, professional and friendly approach. Worked hard to get the best deal for me.

    Mrs. Barry -
  • I cannot thank Dave enough , Dave and his team have been amazing in getting me the deal I needed and making the whole process very smooth, cream finance have a customer for life ….. many thanks.

    Mr. Taylor -
  • James talked me through everything in detail and in a professional way.

    Mr. P -
  • Just explained everything so well and kept us informed regularly throughout the whole process.

    Mr. S -
  • Service I received was very professional, the advisor was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.

    Mrs. P -
  • Really surprised how quick and easy it was.  It prompted me to think about things I had never thought about, such as guardianship for my kids.

    Anonymous -
  • We discussed what my needs were and he found a solution to those needs at an affordable price for me.

    Mrs. Murphy -
  • The agent was great he was so understanding and would often refer to his own personal life which helped to know that he is just like us.

    Mr. T -
  • Pleased with the service and level of communication via email and telephone.

    Mrs. P -
  • Excellent service. Advisor make us very confident to choose correct services. Highly recommended financial company.

    Mr. S -
  • We were kept up to speed at all times and James was extremely helpful

    Mr. Bell -
  • Very quick service.

    Anonymous -
  • Robbie was fantastic when he was helping me!  I was really impressed.

    Mr G -
  • Dave Johnson handled the case very well for me. I believe he did everything he could to ensure a smooth handover. I would highly recommend him to friends and family.

    Mr. Baker -
  • Sharon was excellent. Very knowledgeable of her products and extremely helpful.

    Mr. F -
  • Very helpful and friendly advisor whom I would highly recommend.

    Mr. Mankin -
  • Superb service, David is absolutely exceptional at his job, recommended to all of our friends and business contacts.

    Anonymous -
  • Liam was very knowledgeable, friendly & helpful. He made sure that he fully understood our needs & tailored our product to meet that.

    Mr Grainger -
  • I found Robbie Boulton very polite, informative. He was helpful and explained everything fully and answered all my questions.

    Mrs Pook -
  • My advisor made the whole process easy by explaining everything clearly and giving me good advice on what products would be beneficial For my needs of cover.

    Mrs Wright -
  • Very Happy with the service i received. Liam was very professional throughout the whole process.

    Liam was very patient & understanding with regards to my current circumstances.

    Mr Nelson -
  • Very clear in his advice and helped me, but did not coerce me, into deciding what were the best options for my situation. At all times I felt I could change my mind if I wished. He also acted very quickly and efficiently; the whole process was concluded in a short time. I was very happy with his service.

    I was able to easily understand the advice given and I was impressed with the speed and efficiency in the setting up of my new life insurance policy and funeral plan.

    Anonymous -
  • Dave is very professional and does a top job when sourcing our mortgage and insurance.

    Mr. Siers -
  • David Johnson is personable and professional; offering valuable advice and a range of products to suit my needs. He provides regular updates and guidance throughout the whole process.

    Mrs G -
  • David is a true professional, an in depth knowledge of the market and a personal touch to guide you through. David took away all the hassle and provided me with a brilliant deal. couldn’t rate him highly enough.

    Mr S -
  • Robbie was very informative & patient! Explained fully the details I was concerned about….

    Mrs Johnson -
  • Was very helpful and thorough with everything completed for me.

    Anonymous -
  • Friendly excellent service

    Mr Garret -
  • I felt listened to and involved.

    Anonymous -
  • Adviser was very helpful and friendly

    Anonymous -
  • You take the pressure off us, the customers!

    Anonymous -
  • Great local and family owned business.  Having worked for the company and closely with Simon – I wouldn’t be exaggerating when saying the client comes first, second and last to the company.

    Highly recommended!

    N Grandison -
  • I found Rob to be very helpful. He explained everything well. He rang back when he said he was going to, to fit around my work. He listened to what I needed and didn’t try to over sell. I have already recommended Cream to one colleague.

    Mrs. W Busby -
  • Liam was very friendly and put me at ease straight away, and whilst been very professional at all times he made me feel totally relaxed. We discussed my needs at length and I felt totally valued. I would recommend Liam Cook as a great ambassador for his company and a credit to his profession. He did everything he said he would in a most dedicated and professional way. I owe him a great deal of thanks for his dedication and commitment. I would be grateful if you passed on those thanks.

    Mr. Humble -
  • Could not have been more helpful

    Mr. D Ornsbury -
  • Liam was very friendly whilst maintaining a professional stance, he said he is a credit to the company and will recommend cream to other people

    Mr. H -
  • Robbie explained everything very clearly throughout the process

    Anonymous -
  • Very helpful, cheerful and friendly person. Took in to account all our needs and cost.

    Mr. C Holzmann -
  • Liam gave a very professional service and was clear throughout.

    Anonymous -
  • My advisor was, polite , knowledgable and extremely helpful in every aspect of the call

    Anonymous -
  • Liam was friendly professional and knowledgeable. Kept us up to speed at every stage and made us feel like we were the only client he was working for though I imagine that was not the case by any stretch of the imagination. All in all a very positive experience.

    Mr. A Bekir -
  • Dave was great! Very easy to work with and nothing was too much trouble.

    Anonymous -
  • Robbie was very on the ball ! I was keen to get up and running with my cover but had a couple of issues before I could I was advised to wait and proceed again at a later date. Everything was fine and I got a fantastic cover policy for my needs. Also Robbie stayed in contact throughout the process which I thought was very professional.

    Mr. A Bright -
  • From start to finish everything was explained fully everybody I spoke to were very polite and chatty putting me at ease always interested in my every day things I would go as far and say one the finest companies I have the pleasure to work with for a very long time.

    Mr. A Stanfield -
  • The adviser took the trouble to find out exactly what I wanted from an insurance policy and made me feel very confident that he would find a solution to help me obtain better value for money.

    Mr. Wayborn -
  • Did not feel pressurised into going over my personal budget all products and benefits explained clearly plus more importantly i had time to express any queries and did not feel rushed into an immediate decision.

    Mr. Whittaker -
  • The adviser was quick, courteous and got the product i required at a reasonable price and set up easily

    Mr. J Waltham -
  • My mortgage broker was straight to the point, factual, extremely easy to get a long with and determined to get us the best deal. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.. very happy!

    Mr. S -
  • Fantastic service from the guys at Cream, both for our mortgage, life insurance and trusts. Would definitely recommend them.

    James Peterson -
  • Received fantastic advice when I revamped my life policies. Had me and my family at heart and ensured we were all covered properly. Found the advisor extremely professional and helpful

    Mandy Hamilton -
  • I was a first time buyer, so the process of getting a mortgage was new for me. The consultant at Cream Financial Solutions was very professional and clearly led us through the process in a friendly and down to earth way. The purchase went through really smoothly and was made much easier by the adviser who did everything for us explaining it all as he went, and all we had to do was provide the paperwork he needed. I would definitely recommend speaking to these guys and I now have a lovely home.

    Gemma -
  • Nobody better at dealing with mortgages and life insurance. Have used them for many years and never had any problems. They always give an excellent service and all of the advice given is tailored to individual circumstances unlike comparison sites. Have recommended to all my family and friends.

    Lynn W -